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Our Story

Hi McRae Fam💗

I am Rosanne, a wife, mother & elementary Art teacher. I started creating/designing headbands in the Fall of 2022. This has been such a fun & challenging journey so far! I am so very thankful for every one of you that has been so supportive in these beginning stages. I do not know where this will go or for how long but will allow God to lead that path.

I was a single mom for 8 years with my precious daughter RaeAnn. I met the man of my dreams in March of 2021 & we were married in November 2021. After a long process, my husband Aaron was finally able to adopt RaeAnn in October of 2022. So the McRae name comes from the combination of McCorkle + Rae.

My prayer is when you wear McRae headbands you feel beautiful & know how adored you are by God, you’re creator. Accessories are the sprinkles on a cake…just depends on what color sprinkles taste best to you.

With love,


Our collections are all individually made with love. 

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